Entangled at Shanaakht


Mauj Collective

This is a series of videos of several venues in the city. They deal with notions of self-organization, biopower, space, anonymous multitudes, the unconscious concrete, the invisible city and people entangling with physical and bureaucratic regulation. There is the subtleness of regulation, the thriving of life, its compartmentalization, the sense of Being (at home and living Here) with the quest to Become. They are snaps of unplanned planning, between the planned and chaotic – forms of lived urban phenomena in Karachi. The camera zooms from above. The image is of forever being tangled in a lover's curls ( Zulf زلف : Persian ).

اگر نسیم صبا زلف او برافشاند 
ہزار جان مقیّد ز بند برہاند
امیر خسرو ~
if the morning breeze, a lock of yours, unloosens 
a thousand lives prisoned, from their cares, are freed 
~ Ameer Khusro

Concept & Videos:
Yasir Husain

Artwork & Programming:
Shakil Awan & Ata Kirmani