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Ars Electronica

meeting after the media art exhibit

A very pleasant Mauj meeting was held on the cool green lawns of the Indus Valley school of Art and Architecture after opening of the media art show sponsored by Vasl

We discussed Sharjah, a bit of Europe and most of Karachi
Trying to work out how this event organized by Mauj in November needs to be
Decided on a small informal event inviting the friends of Mauj
and having a very exciting interactive project related to computers, mobile phones, live feeds.....
will go on thursday to check out the venue at the Arts council

Mai Safoora

What a fabulous story about Mai Safoora near Safoora Goth by writer Abbas Jalbani in the Dawn Oct 6 edition, what fascinated me was the sculpture of the wine jug at Safoora Chowk, the online version does not have the picture unfortunately

This is a must addition to the urban history of Karachi!

conference/festivals of interest in istanbul

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adding to the other big ones are at cornell, mit and

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