4th session of pinhole, racism

A very interesting day in many respects

we were at an office where working Karachiites got a chance to look into the pinhole. On the other side from Austria we were first visited by some young men who had a little too much to drink.

They introduced themselves as being from Iraq and then went on to make a lot of other unsavory remarks generally and some directed at the women who were with us.

It was funny because due to the culture difference and a little bit of delay on the audio were not picked up by the people who were with me (or they were and we all just ignored it for the sake of the fun experience)

then I got a text from one of the people working in hall in Linz apologizing for the rude gentlemen. What surprised me that while it was all going on I did not have the presence of mind to just turn off the call. It was like I was frozen in the attempt to communicate and did not realize that this particular communication was not worth it.

any way, after this a very intelligent young boy around 12 came on and proceeded to display immense amounts of knowledge not just about Pakistan and 20/20 cricket but the world in general. He was Austrian but lived in London. I asked him about racism in London schools against Pakistanis. He said it did exist but school administrations tended to take the issue very seriously resulting in suspensions. I was happy to hear that. I asked him what we should about the whole problem of racism and the young man replied that there should be a Global treaty on racism. I was very impressed and asked him to write to the UN about it!

Second day of pinhole from near Tariq Rd to Linz,Austria

Shot of live skype session from Karachi to Linz
We had a fabulous time today!!!!were joined on the street by a really entertaining group of young men
Yasir in grey shirt taking photo of session

Some of my memorable moments are when the AC technician said "Chus " into the microphone and said that he had worked with a german air conditioning company for 10 years

And the other was the monologue/dialogue that another young man came up with in spurts of Urdu, Pashto which was so hilarious that we were all in fits, typical Karachi Humour!!

First day of pinhole exchange between Linz and Karachi

Had to make a makeshift pinhole because the actual pinhole is still stuck at Pakistan customs.First sat out on the street, great visuals, not too much ability to communicate, then it started raining, so I moved inside my house, had great visuals and very good audio. The dialogues that followed with many visitors to the festival in Linz, Austria are truly memorable. Looking forward to tommorow !

Creative Confidence Pakistan

Hello everyone

The Creative Confidence Pakistan document is up on our wiki now

It is a report generated from the visit of Suzanne Hogendoorn, a documentary filmmaker and Rob Van Kranenburg, a media theorist, to Karachi in the month of April 2009

In addition to a description of activities, it identifies future projects that could be initiated as a result of the wonderfully successful visit of these 2 Netherlanders


Mauj and Ars Electronica July August 2009

For those of you in the Linz area pls. check out live broadcasts from Mauj in Karachi to the pinhole in the box project at Ars Electronica


we will be starting probably by next weekend, every Friday Saturday Sunday, uptil mid August
14.00 Austria time for 2 hrs
and we will hook up our camera to public places in Karachi
given that Karachi is a VERY unpredictable megacity, we are prepared for surprises and a few rude shocks!!!! but not too many I hope

The Syncretic Sense


Picasso's Light Graffiti: