Re: [mauj:580] Re: Kara film panel on new media arts

googling shireen pasha gives very interesting results !

nafisa rizvi at ivs does video art. please contact her. she also writes in papers about art.
can google her too. dont have her email.

also contact gouri for indian recommendations etc or just help with things. she will be very helpful if she has time. she was telling about films on the indian district level govt that she edited, and would like to show somewhere.

also i'm reading up mails about maya nasir - what should we talkto her about - any points of recommendations. will write to her to setup post-eid appointment


2008/9/27 Atteqa Malik:
dont know but he said it was difficult to meet before he left, had a chat with him

he said he would write to Shireen Pasha
and ask Nilofer to speak a bit about her work in media art as well

we need to discuss what format are we using: rent a big screen tv  or a projector and a screen, what kind of panel format we will have to show work, cause it cant be just talk talk talk,

what about our proposal to Kara? when and how do we write it, should we make a wiki?

We want peace


a word that we are vowing to use work towards in all our exchanges from now on

heres an image from the Dawn Newspaper September 22

bomb blast at Islamabad Marriott

A terrible and unfortunate thing to happen. this is definitely going to affect a lot of cultural and sporting events scheduled all over Pakistan in the coming months in terms of overseas participation. Pakistanis die, Pakistanis get bad media publicity and Pakistanis suffer! but Pakistanis continue to keep their head above the water

An interactive proposal funding exercise

Meeting onsite spelling out the details that needed to be filled into an extremely difficult application form, we divided the categories that each member would work on. then we posted it on google docs where each member was allowed to tweak it. what we didnt realise is that google docs messes up when more than one person edits at the same time. So yasir lost a lot of hours of work and so did Amar hours before the deadline date. Luckily Amar had backup. Moral of the story, find a new format to collaboratively edit text in and report the bug to google