Re: [mauj:151] Re: Mauj a slide show intro

i was away and slow and scarce in response.

i have thought about the future a lot over the years. the nature of technology. histories, cultures and technologies.

for mauj i would be willing to chat with you guys about (and ideally also think with you guys about), the 'digital age' ... and then think of what we could say about Karachi life around us, while also thinking about the future .... :)

I could prepare a set of starting observations & arguments - a slide each - and take off on our own for each ...

I think if you guys are willing to follow some trains of thought (that i would present), i am sure it will stimulate us towards thinking about / getting down to (what i hope would be) some amazingly cool projects :)
so this is an invitation .....

not sure there is enough time before atteqa leaves, is there?
if not then after she comes back.



MAUJ expectations

Hello Mauj,

I've been thinking about what my expectations from Mauj the New Media Lab are. I've come up with a few points for now:

-- Mauj would Experiment with new technology creatively.

Mauj would be a major platform for artistic, musical, scientific, social, socio-economic, technological collaborations amongst Pakistani and international individuals and/or labs.

Mauj would be a Resource Center for New Media technologies in Karachi.

Mauj would pay attention and give much importance to the 'process' (learning, building, artistic) as much as the 'end result'.

Mauj would do Socially Responsive as well as Socially Responsible Work.

-- Mauj would work towards a Pakistani Film Archive, with a Virtual Online component.

Are these too simplistic?

I'll keep adding to these as I come up with about the others...?

All the Best,

Barefoot College

Have you guys heard of the Barefoot College?

Defining the Third World Media Artist

Defining the Third World Media Artist --by Atteqa Malik

This is the age of the freelance artist
Does not have to wait to be discovered
Does not show others lives as his/her own art, but works towards empowering the under-represented
Work incorporates some form of activism in order to stand strong against the media for entertainment curse in an education-starved society
Has technical and aesthetic skills
Work stems from a theoretical base which can be articulated by the artist
Does not need to know how to read or write but is an expert in his/her medium
Creates work which can be understood at the public and personal level without waiting for interpretation from critics
Can create art through a new medium or use it to project traditional art

Here is some text from my paper on Media art in Pakistan

By Atteqa Malik

about Mauj - so far


We're at this point deep in discussion with ourselves and with partners of Mauj about the modes and substance of Mauj activities.
Starting with 3 broad categories Mauj activities were thought to fall within:

[1] art projects
[2] socially engaged projects
[3] services

We have 2 partners with whom we are discussing consultancy/projects at the moment. One funder and many interested with whom we continue to interact. And friends who seem to be inspired on our idea. So [3] is relatively clear to us, but we still need to generate concrete ideas for [1] and [2]. Negotiations for Mauj the space are also on and may generate astring of usable places.


check our new group 'Mauj'