Mauj using EyeBalloon



Laal - improvising

Laal live

Laal live - zulmat ko zia

Laal in Karachi

Laal will be performing in Karachi outside the Geo TV offices on 22 March 2009.
They recently launched their Album and song Umeed e Sahar.

Mauj played their video 'Mein ne uss se ye kaha' at the Transmediale in Berlin to a warm response.

Laal's 'Hope of Dawn' sets the tone for Restoration of Judiciary

Group: Laal
Poetry: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Pakistanis have come out on the street revolted by undue privilege

Mauj: internet tech & political media

Making an Impact - Long March Online

Mauj is involved with civil activists using digital tools
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This is the time to let those in the corridors of power know that citizens can count !
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