Construction in Manzar Akbar Hall before our event

What a joke! when we reached Manzar Akbar Hall at the Arts Council today to check our wateen we found that there was construction going on over there!!

luckily the director was walking down the stairs that very moment I ran after him and asked what is going on we have an event tommorow?

they said they forgot about it and then tried to suggest another place for us
Now the discussion will be under the main auditorium in the theatre workshop, it was a real task getting wateen signals (there are none) under ground, so now we are hooking it up outside the auditorium and will take a cable or Amars wifi inside the basement to have our internet working for the skype part of our discussion with Rob Kranenburg

we need boards and ushers to redirect our guests!!
they need to refund half our money as they basement is cheaper than the hall we had booked

Cheers and hope it all goes well tommorow


What is New Media Art _ Arts Council _ Sun 23 Nov 4-7pm

The Mauj Collective for Open Technology, Art & Culture
is proud to present an evening of discussion
on New Media Art in Pakistan.

What is it? Where is it going? Who are the artists?

Come and hear a range of people speak about their work.
Learn about the ideas and work of the Mauj Collective.
Participate in discussion on future visions for New Media Art in Pakistan.
Date:          Sunday, 23rd November 2008
Time:          4pm to 7pm
Location:    Manzar Akbar Hall, Arts Council, Karachi
Speakers include:

Nilofur Farrukh_art critic, AICA, Nukta Art Magazine
Rob van Kranenburg_Bricolabs, Indonesia & the Netherlands
Shakil Awan_Senior Producer, Visual Content
& the Mauj Collective

Guests will include artists, art critics, art educationists, filmmakers, graphic artists, visual content developers, radio professionals, journalists, cultural operators and managers and those interested in talking and learning about New Media Art. A special guest filmmaker Suzanne Hogendoorn from the Netherlands will be with us to cover the event.

Refreshments will be served.

RSVP or for more info:
please call 03008294621, 03462024998
or email:    maujmail //at // googlegroups //dot// com

New developments and Mauj Urao session Nov 23

on 4th Nov.Mauj had a very productive meeting with the director of the Goethe Institute, Dr.Markus Litz who was very attentive to us and our plans to Participate at transmediale in January 2009

A couple of days before this Mauj met at Gia to talk to Faisal Butt, an architect very interested in sustainable architecture with technology, Faisal joins Mauj!

On Nov 8th Mauj met Shakil Awan a professional digital animator who brought up very specific issues that CG people have with media people. Hope to hear more from him. Welcome to Mauj Shakil!

Mauj is now preparing for an event on 23rd nov at the Arts Council, Manzar Akbar Hall, informal but cool!!!


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